Double Honeycomb Bong Glass Recycler Wheel + Smoker Bowl

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Double Honeycomb Bong 33cm Glass Recycler Wheel + Smoker Bowl

Double Honeycomb Bong 33cm Glass Recycler Bong+ Glass Smokers Bowl
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Shape: Free Type
Material: Glass US Borosilicate
Colour: Green
Dim: 33.0cm x 10.0cm
Item: 1318-B300
Category: Hookahs
Quantity: 1 Piece
Package Size: 60 x 25 x 25 cm
Gross Weight/Package: 0.765 kg

The honeycomb bong is one that is available in many shapes and sizes.
It has a similar appeal to a honeycomb as the discs that are seen around
the edges of the bong. This is a feature many people love about this kind
of bong is the increased rate diffusion. Resultant in more flavor each time.

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